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Enchanting Styles Unveiled: From Rustic Charm to Shabby Chic to Fairy Tale,

Let the Party Place Bring Your Wedding Dreams to Life!

Bridal Expo ~ February 10, 2024 ~ 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Welcome to The Party Place, where your special day is destined for a celebration steeped in history and charm. Our venue, boasting original architecture dating back to 1863, is a testament to the timeless elegance that will set the stage for your wedding festivities. 

Immerse yourself in the warmth and romance of our ceremony room, complemented by the spacious reception hall, a luxurious bride's suite, a comfortable groom's lounge, bar area, an inviting outside patio, and kitchen area. Our all-inclusive offerings ensure that every aspect of your wedding day is seamlessly taken care of. 

Experience stress-free planning as we provide brides with the unique opportunity to style the venue up to three days before their event, using our extensive prop inventory that brides often proclaim as better than Pinterest itself. With the freedom to choose their caterer, table sizes, and even manage the bar (with the appropriate permits and a licensed bartender), couples enjoy the flexibility to tailor their celebration to perfection. 

On the day of your wedding, the venue is exclusively yours from 8 am to midnight, with the added option to return the next day before noon to collect your items. Our hallmark is flexibility, offering a range of options that cater to your preferences, all within the backdrop of our historically preserved venue. Achieve affordability without compromise at The Party Place, where your love story unfolds in a setting that seamlessly blends the past with the present.

Unique Features & Design Decor Options

Historic Decor Props

Brides say our prop inventory is better than Pinterest! One low rental fee gains you access to over $8,000 worth of inventory. Many of our props were once used in the RomWeber Furniture factory over a hundred years ago like this cart show at left. It was used to transport furniture throught the factory. Our inventory includes century old workbenches once used to create furniture, and are now the perfect design elements for displays. The  bench  can serve as a coffee bar or as the perfect desert bar to display tasty cupcake treats for guests.


Unique Head Table Backgrounds

From fairy tale settings to pallet walls to historic factory doors to timber wall backdrop, we have the options to make your headtable the center of attention, only after the bride. The Knot magazine recommends using a pallet wall in your decor. We have the perfect pallet wall backdrop for creating a dramatic head table. Coupled with our lighted hanging ladder, shear curtains, and fairy lights we can create a stunning focal point for you and your wedding party.


Factory Doors

Our door inventory is comprised of century old factory doors like this three piece door set shown at left. They can serve as a head table back drop, room dividers or simply a cool piece of history. The picture on the left shows this set's original patina in a distressed white and the other side was stained a carmel color and still has the original hinges exposed. 


Multiple Design Styles

With the birth of Pinterest, style and design takes on a whole new meaning. Using our vast selection of vintage props, brides and event planners can create the event stlye they have been dreaming of. From romantic, to rustic, to shabby chic to fairy tale, our factory roots provides the perfect canvas for any design style. Our design resources are made to be moved. That way you can use them throughout the venue to create your design theme.


Stress Free Flexibility

The Party Place offers design style flexibilty for stress free party planning. Designing, styling and decorating can begin on the Wednesday (up to three days!) prior to an event.  The added time allows for stress free design time to create the look you want. Choice of caterers and lighting options, including chandeliers are included.  Multiple table sizes are available; 72" round or 8' rectangle. Table linens in a mutliple array of colors are available. 


The end result is the dream wedding that she has been envisioning for years; let it come true at the Party Place.